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Sary-Tash village

Spending a night in this rather unprepossessing village is a necessary evil for independent travellers who wish to travel to China or Tajikistan under their own steam. Whatever its other limitations might be, it cannot be denied that, with the high, snow-spattered ridge of the Pamir Alay looming to the south, Sary-Tash (Yellow Stone) is set in a natural setting that is quite beautiful. However, at 3,173m above sea level, it can get very cold at night

The village has a shop and basic cafe and there is supposed to be a guesthouse just north of the town on the road from Osh, in addition to rooms at the cafe by the crossroads (200som). Just asking around will no doubt unleash a few offers of homestay accommodation.
Getting there For individual travellers who have come from Osh and intend to continue to China or Tajikistan, hitch-hiking out of here is said to be very difficult, particularly south to Murgab in Tajikistan, as very little traffic uses this road. Transport to Irkeshtam is marginally better, but it is still possible to get stuck here for hours. Most of the passing vehicles heading for Irkeshtam are big, slow Kyrgyz trucks taking scrap metal into China.

To reach Sary-Tash from Osh there is a daily bus that leaves at around 08.00 in the morning and takes most of the day. A taxi costs 1,200-1,500som or 300-400som in a shared taxi, although the latter can be hard to find. Start early.