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Sary Tash

Sary Tash is conveniently situated at the convergence of three roads and makes a good place to break the Murgab (Tajikistan) to Osh or Kashgar (China) to Osh trip. Local rumours abound that the town is also a major stopover for smugglers trafficking opium and hashish from Afghanistan via Tajikistan.

Because of the bleak climatic conditions there is little agriculture and most men work at the border or are involved in animal husbandry. There is a small market on Wednesday. Since the opening of the Irkeshtam border, locals have been quick to open their homes to tourists. The cafes and shops at the intersection can point the way.

The ladies at Ieda Cafe & Hotel are super friendly and can help arrange transport to the border if you are hitching. In all there are three large lockable rooms and a smaller, less appealing room. Meals are 30som to 50som.

Eliza B&B is another reliable option. From the intersection take the road towards Sary Moghul but turn hard right, taking the right fork in the road. The homestay is 50m up a dirt road in a house with blue doors and window frames. 

Finally, Sunrise Travel runs a yurtstays, located just off the main road, 3km north of Sary Tash.