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A new website and mobile application with tourist routes was created in Georgia

A new information website - for foreign tourists was created in Georgia, where anyone can become familiar with existing routes for travel on an electronic map, and get information about cultural heritage and infrastructure, according to the National Tourism Administration.

For users of smart phone in addition to the web site, it was also developed a mobile application. And the website and application for smart phones developed a geo-information center of tourism in Georgia.

"We believe that this is a very important innovation to improve Georgia's tourism image abroad, as well as a big step in terms of promotion and development of tourism in the country", - said Head of Public Relations of the Tourism National Administration Eka Soselia.

According to head of geo-information center Sergo Tsiramua, any travel company can post suggestions on the new site through mobile applications.

"In any country you can download the mobile application and familiarize with the tourist potential of Georgia with the help of the Internet. Users will be able to study in detail their interesting itineraries in the virtual map, learn about the cultural heritage, tourist sites, in particular such as hotels, catering facilities, etc. "- said Tsiramua.