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Tajikistan visa requirements

For your visa application you will need:

Registration in Tajikistan

Registration is not necessary for travelers on a tourist visa staying up to 30 days. All other visas have to register with the Migration Police (OVIR), as well as people on a Tajik tourist visa staying longer than 30 days.

If you are on a non-tourist visa (such as a business or study visa), are staying longer than 30 days, or have entered without a visa (for example because you are a CIS national), you will need to register at an OVIR. Non-tourists and those without visas should register within three days of arrival; tourists should register within the first 30 days (if you know for sure that you gonna stay for more than 30 days it makes sense to register before your 30 days expire). Missing registration you risk to pay a hefty fine or a bribe. The normal fee for registration is 140 somoni per person and you can’t do it by yourself. You either need a hotel to do it for you or you need a Tajik citizen (accommodation/apartment owner) who can register you at his/her property.

The registration process involves taking a passport photo and copy of your passport to the OVIR and filling in the forms they give you. You will need to pay the registration fee (usually around US$20 but dependent on your situation) at a designated bank nearby, then return to the OVIR with the receipt. Registration can theoretically be done the same day, but you may be asked to return as much as a week later to collect your passport and the accompanying registration slip. You will need to keep the registration slip and show it on departure. There are OVIRs in most cities, though some are more efficient than others.

OVIR Dushanbe: Mirzo Turzunzade Street 5 Tel. 227 67 22 (no English) Opening hours: 8am-5pm

Visa extension

If you want to stay longer in Tajikistan but are coming to the end of your visa, it is possible to get an extension in Dushanbe at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (22 Pushkin; 08.00-noon & 13.00-17.00 Mon-Fri, 08.00-noon Sat). A 1-month Tajikistan tourist visa can be extended for 1 or 2 weeks. Get to Ministry of Foreign Affairs office early as it opens at 8.30am. There is ususally a queue there so coming around 8.00 am might be advisable to have your name put on the list. You will need to fill in an application forms (there is a notice board at end of room with examples of completed forms, including an English example). You will also need to write a separate letter to consular section detailing your request. Then need to go to the Amanat bank on Ismail Somoni str. to pay $1 processing fee. You will also need to submit a photocopy of your passport and visa page plus 2 passport photos.  All needs to be done and handed in by 11am. Go back in a week to find out decision on your Tajikistan visa extension. It may also be possible to get an extension at an Office of Visas and Registration (OVIR) but you should allow longer for this: in Khujand they quote ten days.

Visa pick up time from 14.00 to 17.00, also try to arrive early as there is also a queue and the waiting list. If visa extension is granted you will need to visit bank (10-15min walk, taxis waiting out front of MFA office) to make 2 payments: $20 and 40 somoni. Then return to MFA office, where you will need to leave passport, and pick it up in couple of days. They will give you stamped letter saying they have your passport.

Ishkashim border market on Tajik visa

It is possible to visit the Saturday border market of Ishkashim on a Tajik visa. You leave your passport with the Tajik border guards, and walk across a little bridge to get to the market. When you are done, you walk back and pick up your passport. No Afghan visa is required.

The good website to check all matters about travel to Tajikistan and entry regulations is