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Square of Revival (Galkynysh)

In January of 2011 the list of sites of Ashgabat was complemented with the square of Revival (Galkynysh) at the intersection of two avenues - Turkmenbashi and Galkynysh, with an impressive monument in its center - a triumphal column crowned with the globe and presidential standard.

A monument to the Constitution, the five-star hotel "Nusai" and Presi-dential Palace Complex "Oguzkhan" were inaugurated in Ashgabat on one of the main national holidays - Day of Revival, Unity and Poetry of Makhtumkuli, coinciding with the day of adoption of the Constitution of Turkmenistan.  Simultaneously, there was inaugurated a complex of buildings of the Main Directorate of Civil Defence and Rescue Work of the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan, forming the south-western part of the new square.

This area is designed as a new administrative, business and cultural center of Ashgabat. The monument to the Constitution became its dominating structure. The foundation of this extraordinary building, which continues the tradition of symbolic verticals of Ashgabat, took place in 2008. The grand house-monument is now open to visitors. The monument sparkles in the daylight and glows at night powered by color music.

Ashgabat, Constitution Monument on the leftThe total height of the monument, including the spire, is 185 meters, symbolizing the date of adoption of the Constitution - 18th day of the 5th month. Moreover, this figure has another meaning - 185 UN member states recognized the neutral status of Turkmenistan! The height of the tetrahedral tower, decorated with Turkmen carpet ornaments (gel) on all sides and topped with a spire with a gold crescent and five stars, is 91 meters, which indicates the year of independence of the country. The tower rises from a three-stage 27-meter base shaped like the legendary star of Oguz Khan as well as a 10-meter platform with porticos, cascading fountains and grand staircase on all sides. These parameters are not random at all - 27 and 10 are the date and month of establishment of the Turkmen state. Two viewing platforms, located at the level of 27 and 118 meters, offer a picturesque panorama of the Turkmen capital and its environs. The monument to the Constitution is surrounded by the square with fountains and forest park zone.

Upon entering the building, visitors can see interactive screens providing the most important information about the monument to the Constitution in three languages - Turkmen, Russian and English. In the six halls of the museum, there are also touch screens and displays with images in 3D format that allow visitors to get visual information about the modern Turkmen state, constitutional lawmaking, history and cultural heritage of the Turkmen people. Visitors can also access a specialized electronic library.

The museum also has a traditional exhibition. Among its exhibits are the original souvenirs made from precious metals and stones, state awards of Turkmenistan, various commemorative coins. Ancient manuscripts, samples of clothing and jewelry, musical instruments, household utensils, as well as some archaeological findings characterizing different periods of history are placed in the showcases.

Opposite to the monument to the Constitution, on the same axis, is the Palace of Congresses.

Square of Revival in the old part of the town, in the north-west corner of which there was erected the white marble Presidential Palace Complex "Oguzkhan". The central domed hall of the palace is named "Oguzkhan". It has a canonical sculpture of the legendary ancestor of Turkmens in full length. Other rooms also have their own names. They were named after Alp Arslan, Sultan Sanjar, Makhtumkuli and other national heroes. Three high gilded domes crown the new building. Together with gilded domes on the two old buildings of the palace they make an ensemble of five domes. The main entrance, overlooking the red line in Galkynysh street, is decorated with classical lancet arches. This architectural design is maintained by the massive gates that mark the entry into the palace complex. The stylistic unity of all its parts is in harmony with a strong rhythm of the facades and colonnades of the ensemble of buildings of the Ministry of Defence located across the street. The quarter occupied by the Turkmen State University named after Makhtumkuli, which has been built on the eastern side of the Presidential Palace Complex "Oguzkhan", looks equally integral.

The luxury "Nusai" hotel stands on the opposite side of the University, across Galkynysh square with circular traffic intersection. This is one of the first post-Soviet structures, far from being the most successful, that has been completely renovated in accordance with the new image of the center. Looking totally different, the hotel faces the palace.