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Turkmenosaurus Rex


Looking like someone took a giant stamp of a footprint and pounded it into the ground, the dinosaur footprints of Kugitang Nature Reserve seem almost too perfect to be real. But the tracks are indeed legit, and were left here by ambling dinosaurs some 155 million years ago.

According to local legend, the prints were left by elephants used by the armies of Alexander the Great. Scientists, however, will tell you that the prints were left during the Jurassic period by a species called Megalosauripus. The location of the tracks is a plateau (Dinosaur Plateau) that is presumed to be the bottom of a shallow lake that dried up, leaving the dinosaur prints baking in the sun, after which a volcanic eruption sealed them in lava. There are more than 400 prints visible on a steep incline of limestone, the largest of which has a diameter of 80cm. Around Kugitang, more than 2500 prints have been found.

The giant dinosaurs were apparently joined by smaller dino creatures that left imprints resembling a human foot. In 1995 a Russian newspaper stirred up controversy when it reported incorrectly that the prints were in fact human, which has fuelled Creationist claims that the dinosaurs are just a figment of Darwinist imagination.