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The Bai Bazaar

The Bai Bazaar, officially known as the Dayhan (Peasant) Bazaar, offers everything that a good central bazaar should. It is located off Gurbansoltan Eje Kochesi, a couple of blocks north of the Shabat Canal. Entering the bazaar through the nicely carved wooden doors on the western side, the small bar on your left sells locally produced Concord beer. This remarkable liquid is produced by a Dashoguz entrepreneur using home-brew kits imported from Britain.

If you are staying at the Hotel Uzboy, you might glance at the Ak Bazaar over the road. The main, domed building is virtually deserted, save for a shop making wedding dresses. The bazaar itself is round the back: a shrine to car parts, with rows of radial tyres, headlights and shock absorbers. There is an out-of-town market, the Shor Bazaar, just to the east of the town gate on the Konye-Urgench road, but it is not really worth the trip out.