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Bolo-Hauz mosque

In the past Registan Square was occupied by numerous beautiful buildings. Bolo-Hauz ensemble is located at the opposite of Ark Fortress on the Registan square. Bolo-Hauz ensemble was built in the beginning of XVIII-th century and is regarded as a young building in comparison with other monuments of Bukhara. The mosque consist of minaret and a mosque itself, which are reflected on the waters of the pond (hauz)preserved till today. This pond actually gave the name to the whole ensemble. Bolo-hauz is translated from Uzbek as “children pool”.

It is a classic sample of Central Asian mosque: the winter building of 1712, summer aivan of the early 20th century with ornamented ceiling and wooden columns, small minaret constructed in 1917 by usto Shirin and small basin.

The brightest feature of mosque is decor of aivan which columns are made from two trunks each and have stalactite capitals.