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Khodja-Zainuddin khanaka

Another Sufi khanaka is located beside Kalyan Mosque at the far side of dwellinq quarter. The Khodja Zain ad-Din complex, one of the pearls of Bukhara, is concealed amidst of residential district. It was built in the first half of the 16th century on the brink of the oldest remaining ponds and named after Khodja Zainuddin. The pond had the marble walls. A carved marble spillway in the form of open jaws of a dragon (adjarkho), ornamentally enchased with an epigraph, was arranged south-easterly beside the staircase. Outside khanaka there is a tomb of Khodja Zainuddin marked with characteristic pole. Polychromic mosaics and painting performed in qundal technique decorate the interior.

Two sides of khanaka are surrounded by aivan with columns having stalactite capitals and marble bases. The reservoir with stone steps and carved stone outlet is located in the court yard in front of aivan. Khanaka operates as a quarter mosque from the 19th century.

More details on the architecture and the history of this place you can find by downloading the following file. Source of the work.