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Modari-Khan Madrassah

In the same district with the Samanid mausoleum and Chashma-iy-Ayub, not far from the park, stands one of the most attractive ensembles, "Kosh-Madrasah", which are typical of Bukhara. The word "Kosh" means "double" and, indeed, these two educational institutions face one another across a narrow street. The first of them is Modari-khan Madrasah that was put up by Abdullakhan II (Abdulla-khan) on his mother's behalf. The date of erection 974 hijra (1566-67) is inscribed with majolica in verse above the entrance. As to composition it is a standard educational institution with a hostel for students and instructors around the courtyard, public halls of the mosque and lecture-rooms - darskhana - along both sides of portal in the interior of the building. The main front is richly faced with multicolor brick mosaic.

The second building of Abdullakhan Madrasah was erected in 1588-90 and is an outstanding piece of medieval architecture. The front facade of Modari-khan Madrassah is richly decorated with polychromic brick mosaics. Majolica exposes pictures of flower buds.

Modari-khan Madrasah is one of outstanding Central Asiatic architectual work. Here architector bravely deviated from canon rules in planning, moving capacities assimetrically beyond the rectangular building outlines, including new forms in usual composition. So there was appeared inside yard spacious hall with cupola on twelve-sided light drum, it is known as «Abdullah-khan sky-light».

The facade is decorated with fantastic geometrical patterns. The rectangular courtyard has one avian having portal with niche. There are two-storied loggias and hudjras behind them in the court yard.