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Story of Islom Khodja

The chief vizier and the father-in-law of the Isfandiyar-khan Islam Khodza, unlike the majority of khan's officials, was an educated and far-sighted person, adhering to progressive views. Islam Khodza had been to St Petersburg many times, and was interested in the events, occurring in the Russian empire at that time. He understood the necessity of the modern reforms being carried out for the khanate. He was a supporter of commercial, business and cultural contacts with Russian development; as well as supporting the idea of the creation of local industry. The school of the European type, ginnery, hospital, pharmacy, mail and telegraph, bridges and roads were being constructed in Khiva, the first time in the khanate, on his insistence.

However the clergy and the conservative-minded nobility were hostile to the innovative policies of Islam Khodja. According to legend, they managed to draw in the khan Isfandiyar, having convinced him that Islam Khodja represented a threat to the khan's authority. The chief vizier's fate had been predetermined. Once at night, when Islam Khodja came back to his country residence, unknown persons wounded him mortally with a knife and disappeared. However, nobody searched for them: the Khan was aware about the murder's premeditation and did not interfere with it.