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Sayid Magrumjan

This monumental ensemble of mausoleums, known locally as the Chadruli Ishan, gets its name from the dead khan (marhum khan) Sayyid Mohammed, who is buried here with his son Mohammed Rakhim Khan II, grandsons Isfandiyar Khan and Timur Gazi and father-in-law of Isfandiyar and vizier, islam Khodja. Local custom forbade anyone who died outside the city walls to be brought back into the inner town for burial and so Mohammed (who lived outside the city) was buried in the main hall next to the larger tomb of Feruz. Isfandiyar and islam Khodja (who were both murdered outside the city) were buried together, assassin and victim, in a separate side building. The adjoining madrassah is now used as a piano school.