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Ak-Sarai Mausoleum

Lack of historical information makes this structure mysterious. It is located to the southeast of Gur-Emir. It is deemed a male necropolis of the last Samarqand Timurids, descendants of Abu-Said (1451-1468/9). Externally, it is no attractive exterior decoration is virtually absent, the dome was not completed, although there have been applied advanced architectural ideas of the time.

The reason for the construction was the order of the governor Abu Said in the 70s of the 15th century when the burial capacity of the Gur-Emir practically exhausted. The Ak-Sarai looks unattractive since its decor is very laconic and the dome remains unfinished. This is why the building seems to be incomplete. However, the building is considered a unique example of architectural style. The mausoleum was erected with the use of new technical constructions and methods.

The inner interior does not conform to the outer design - large richly gilded fragments of ornamental paintings in the "kundal" style (laying paints with gold covers on the relief ornament) remain on its walls, sails, and dome.

The relief, gold and wide color gamut of vegetative patterns remind of rich carpet fabrics.

If you are offered to visit the Ak-Saray - do not refuse, inside is much more interesting than the outside.