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Hazret-Hyzr mosque

In the VII century, Samarkand was captured by troops of the Arab Caliphate. During this period, there was built the first Muslim mosque in the city - Hazrat Hyzr. Its name was the prophet Hazrat Hyzra, which is considered one of the major Islamic figures.

The Koran refers to him as "a servant of God". According to the hadeeth Allah will put him above Musa (Moses). It is believed that he had defended against fire and thieves alleviated sufferings, helped in difficulties, and those who meet with him, gave happiness and long life. All of this is tied to its divine origin.

A legend says that Hazret-Hyzr helped the patron of Samarkand, Kusam ibn Abbas, to escape and become immortal.

Once there was a heathen temple here in which idols were worshipped in the first years of Islam. The temple was converted into a mosque. The very same mosque is mentioned in many religious books, which is described as a place of worship at the highest point of Samarkand, which was located next to the main well of the city Arziz which provides the city with water. Incidentally, in 2002, the well depth of 40 meters was restored, and today it is the same crystal-clear waters as hundreds of years ago.

Honoring the mosque Hazrat Hyzr was so high that residents of the city is constantly restored building, trying to make it even more beautiful. Perhaps that is why the original appearance construction was not preserved. Not a single source was preserved on the construction of the mosque, but on the walls and floor of the mosque there are many inscriptions on the work on the restoration of worship construction.

The pilgrimage to sacred sites of Samarkand began from here and hence there also opens a panoramic view to the other famous places of the city, the mosque of Bibi Khanum, a complex of Shahi Zinda and others.

Apart from all, Hyzr is also the patron saint of travelers. There is a tradition, leaving Samarkand ask blessings from Hazrat Hyzra. This is where we should start a journey through the city, and here is his finishing.