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Restaurants of Samarkand

Besh Chinor

Besh chinor is one of the best restaurants in Samarkand. It offers very delicious national uzbek foods. Especially, Kazi palov, Manty, and shashlyk. Cheap prices and convenient seats will make you very happy. It is located not far from Hotels "Afrasiab", "Central Samarkand", "President Palace" and etc. Just 5 minutes from Registan square.

Restaurant Samarqand

Superb Restaurant from restaurant chain "Karimbek". It offers great service Excellent vegetarian options live music and resonable pricing.  The restaurant is beautifully designed, but the staff can't speak english!

Experience rare, exotic new flavours at SamarQand Restaurant and Bar. Newly opened in the heart of Marylebone, SamarQand specialises in authentic Central Asian cuisine.

Let your taste buds be tantalized by a mixture of cuisines from faraway countries like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, as well as influences from Central Asia’s neighbouring territories of Russia. Choose from traditional Central Asian dishes cooked with a modern twist, and enjoy enticing spices, fresh herbs and succulent flavours in a stylish and laid back environment.

SamarQand’s chic bar and cocktail lounge offers an ideal space for pre or post dinner drinks, serving a selection of innovative Eastern inspired cocktails.

SamarQand boasts five private rooms, each equipped with flat screen TV and DVD player, Karaoke machine and games consoles, as well as an inbuilt sound system, suitable for private dinners, business meetings, or special parties.

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 16:00pm – 11:30am
Friday: 16:00pm – 12:30am
Saturday: 12:00pm – 12:30am
Sunday: 12:00pm – 10:30pm

Karimbek restaurant
Gargarina 194, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

"Karimbek" restaurant genuinely popular with locals and tourists alike. The restaurant has a good but noisy location. Booked mainly for tours, service is a bit slow when it comes to tables of four persons as kitchen is busy cooking for groups.

Restaurant Karim Bek opened in 2004. It has a very good location, at the crossroads of the two main streets of the town, Gagarina and Amir Temur. Famous designers were involved in order to create a stylish design and a harmonious atmosphere of European comfort and oriental generosity.

You have the opportunity to taste an enormous selection of our famous shashlik. Also, our chef is ready to offer you masterpieces of European cuisine and exclusive dishes, such as a delicate chicken fillet stuffed with mushrooms, and baked mutton loin.

Add to all this professional service and a natural and cozy atmosphere, and you will understand the reason why the restaurant Karim Bek is always full of guests.

In our Bar you will be offered the most popular cocktails, many different spirits, many varieties of Uzbek wines, and of course fresh draft beer. You will be astonished by the variety and originality of the different kinds of dishes and snacks.

Here you have the opportunity to enjoy live musical performances on our stage. At ease and in the friendly ambiance you can relax and forget your daily problems.

This place is out of town. Food is good but if you sit outside you have to contend with many flies and lots of noise.  And it's really cool place to see the locals dancing and having fun.

Paradise Land, Art-Show Club

Address: Nodira Begim street 32, Samarkand
Phone: (+998 66) 221 19 85, (+998 66) 267 40 85
e-mail: [email protected]

The cuisine of "Paradise Land, Art-Show Club " deserves mention. Traditional Eastern dishes are prepared in a "celebratory" manner. Our chefs are ready to offer you sumptuous dishes of Asian and European cuisine which will not soon be forgotten. Certainly, wine plays an important part in any great dining experience. We are proud to serve wines from the "BAGIZAGAN" winery: "Bagizagan", "Rkacitelli", "Emanuella", "Esmiralda", and "Muscat". The lush and unforgettable taste of "Alyatika", " Qora Marvarid " and " 1001 nights", "Omar Khayyam" and "Mona Lisa " will stir your soul. Truly a magnificent, exotic, Eastern bouquet!

Restaurant "Paradise Land, Art-Show Club " was established in 2001, and is located in center of the Great city of Samarkand. Our Restaurant is very popular for family gatherings, meetings with friends and colleagues

Several spacious, comfortable rooms accommodate up to 120 guests; also we have special VIP rooms on the second floor, with magnificent views and equipment for holding presentations.

Take pleasure in the unique sensation of a hookah in our restaurant, with an assortment of various fruit-flavored tobacco.

Also, they have 10 dancers who perform Uzbek, Indian, Iranian, Arabian, Russian and Spanish dancing for your entertainment.

Musicians will play for you favorite Uzbek, Iranian and European songs.

Comfortable simplicity and southern warmth, a joyous atmosphere and tasteful restraint are combined in the restaurant most naturally.

Paradise Land, Art-Show Club is open from 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM.
The Art Menu gallery club - the selected pages of Eastern gourmandise. Like beauties in a harem, here are collected the best dishes of Asian, Uzbek, Caucasian, Armenian, and European cuisine. Without imitation, completely original!

To all visitors of our club will receive a discount of 20% till 6:00 PM in summer and 5:00 PM in winter. In addition to dishes already on our menu, you may special-order various dishes to suit your taste.


Location: 157, Amir Temur str, Samarkand

Exclusive dishes:
Main course - Shurpa, Lagman, Mastava, homemade noodles, Guja.
Second course - Plov, Manti, Shashlik, Pelmeni, Dul, Barra.
Salads - French salad, fresh greens, Chakka, eggplant, olive, vinaigrette, Khe, mushroom, etc.
Desert - pastries, ice cream. In spring - fruit, autumn - watermelon, melons, figs etc.
Drinks - alcoholic drinks, fruit juice, soda.

Restaurant has 2 indoor halls and 2 outdoor halls with fountains, private dining rooms for 4-6 people, live music.

Teahouse-cafe "Oriental sweets"

Teahouse-cafe "Oriental sweets" is located at the beginning of well-known pedestrian street of Samarkand - Tashkentskaya, in the center of old city, close to well-known architectural ensemble "Registan". The building of teahouse was constructed at the end of XIX century and in those days was used as a caravan saray, in other words as a hotel for merchants and travelers. The basis of a composition of the caravan-shed is a cozy internal court yard with hudjrs (small rooms, similar on cells), which are bending around it on perimeter.

In the modern name of teahouse "Oriental Sweets" underlies the main purpose of its function: demonstration of process of preparation of various kinds of the national sweets, a well-known Samarkand "lepyoshka" and "samsa" (puff pies with meat) in "tandir" (traditional stove), and at desire of the travelers they can take part in the process of preparation.

The history of oriental sweets counts not one century. Once they were accessible only to sultans or very rich people whose skilful cooks invented various recipes of amazing delicacies. Later these recipes became known also for common people, and gradually the love to east sweets began to extend worldwide. In the Europe exotic delicacies of the far East have appeared nearby XVII-XVIII centuries

In Uzbekistan process of meal differs from the Standard meals, starting form the first dish and finished by a dessert. A remarkable decoration of Uzbek "dastarhan" (table) are sweets and confectionery products. In a tradition tea and some kinds of sweets are offered to guests both before and after a dinner.

The assortment of oriental sweets is very various, and technologies of their preparation are rather different from technologies of usual confectionery products. Depending on a way of the preparation, used ingredients and flavouring properties, oriental sweets can be divided into three basic groups:

Flour oriental sweets, such as: liquid halvah "halvaytar", figured pastry "kush-tili", nutlets in sugar "chak-chak", flacky round cake "katlama", rich ball "bugursak"; Oriental sweets like soft bonbon, like "behi-dulma" - quince stuffed with nuts, halva, pattys)
Oriental sweets of caramel type, such as: sintered sugar "novat", candyfloss from caramel "pashmak", a kiss "nisholda", kandolat, parvarda.

All this you can try to prepare and taste your own creation over a cup of aromatic tea or exquisite coffee at our hospitable cafe-teahouse "Oriental Sweets ". We invite our guests to visit this amazing world of "Oriental sweets" at any time!


Restaurant Zafar - is:

1. 500 summer and 500 winter seats
2. More than 30 well trained waiters
3. Live music, multicolor fountains
4. Open-air cage with exotic animals
5. 10 professional cooks
6. European and national cuisine
7. Wide assortment of spirits and beverages
8. Free, guarded parking

There are 3 convenience halls, 15 rooms and a summer pavilion with 500 seats. In cold weather you can have good time in warm, comfortable and well design halls. In hot weather you can enjoy the coolness and the sound of fountains under the shadow of trees in summer pavilion. Green nature pleasant microclimate and wonderful fountain which always makes cool and fresh the environment and the peacocks walking about the restaurant remains only bright impression of the time which you have in the restaurant Zafar.

In the restaurant Zafar you can spend wonderful time under the lively music.

In the repertoire of the highly qualified musicians there are never growing old classes and also variety music which makes unique warm atmosphere of the holiday in combination with splendid performance of masters of dancing art.

Only here the best professional cooks who virtually turn the meal into pleasure and the atmosphere of East luxury will take you away to the world of dream and fantasy.

Guests will be offered national and European dishes. Each guest will find his favorite dish among them which will be suitable to his taste and wish.

Notable feature of the service in Zafar restaurant is clear distribution of functional duty of the waiter. The waiter, working directly with customer will not leave for a minute. He is a ready to receive your order at any time and the waiter working with the kitchen.

Thanks to this system of the service you can fully enjoy in the city where this system of service is established.

Zafar restaurant could achieve love and attention of many visitors and nowadays it is really considered one of the best restaurants and more attractive places of Samarkand.

The polite and attentive staff will assist you not only to feel you comfortable but to choose meal and drink to your taste. The menu of the restaurant is greatly pleased with its variety and abundance.

In the restaurant Zafar you may have pleasant time with your close friend or hold business appointment or celebrate the birthday, wedding or other parties any of your wishes come true here.

The restaurant Zafar is a pleasure, beauty and harmony, there are the best dishes of eastern and European cookery and it is a holiday what you will want to plunge again.

Restaurant Astoria

Location:     14, Amir Temur str, Samarkand
Cuisine:     European
Rates:         Standard Lunch - 3 US$
Standard Dinner: - 8 US$
Contacts: (+998 66) 31 00 04, 31 02 03