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Samarkand handmade paper centre

Samarkand handmade paper centre
221 Termez St, Koni Ghil village, 7 kilometres from Samarkand

For centuries Samarkand was famous for its mulberry paper, a favourite of Tamerlane and famed for its durability and resistance to insects. Production died out in the 18th century and this UNESCO-backed project in the eastern suburbs aims to revive the 2000-year-old tradition. Visitors can tour the production process, from the water mill that continuously pounds the mulberry pulp to the naturally pink rough paper, which is then polished smooth with agate stone or seashell. Groups are charged US$2 per person fee; for US$5 you can make your very own piece of paper. No. 1 bus comes here or take a taxi for US$3 or make it a half-day excursion by adding on a visit to Cholpan Ata and lunch at the nearby Siob Chaikhana.