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Burchimulla (also spelled Burch Mulla and Brich-Mulla) is a village in the northeast of Tashkent Province, Uzbekistan, by the Koksu River near its inflow into the Charval Reservoir by the southwestern extremity of the Koksu Ridge, west Tian Shan. It is about 120 km NEE from Tashkent.

By 2005, Brichmulla had population of 4,100 in 760 families.

A Neanderthal archaeological site exists near Brichmulla. In mediaeval times, Brichmulla was an important town, a fortress and mining location. Polymetallic and other deposits are known in the area, including arsenic, bismuth, lead and silver. In 18-19th centuries gold was extracted by washing through wool carpets.

Brichmulla is also known in Russian culture due to the song Brich-Mulla by Tatyana and Sergey Nikitin.