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Bekhzod Miniature Museum

(K Bekhzod Memorial Park; © 10.00-1H.00 Tue-Sat; US$2)

The Bekhzod Miniature Museum and accompanying Memorial Park were opened in 2002 to commemorate Kamoliddin Bekhzod's work and to popularise the art of miniature painting. More commonly known as Bihzad, Ibis 16th-century, Herati-born artist is to Persian miniatures what Constable is to English landscapes or Da Vinci is to anatomical drawing. He is, quite simply, the master, and his original paintings (or at least those attributed to him, as it was rare lor miniaturists to sign their work) are prized pieces in national collections from New York and London to Tehran.

The museum holds nearly 100,000 illustrated manuscripts, though sadly few are the work of the master himself. Around 500 items are on show at any one time, and they include printed books and lithographs as well as miniatures and manuscripts. Displays change frequently.