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Museum of railway engineering

A cetrainly must for train buffs and one of the unusual sights of Tashkent, which cannot be missed is Museum of Railway Technics, which is not far from the central railway station of the capital. Appropriately located beside Tashkent station, the Railway Museum may not be top on everyone's sightseeing list, but it offers a charming insight into the early development of the railway and has 13 well-preserved steam engines on site as well as 20 diesel and electric locomotives, train carriages and communication systems. A toy train transports visitors around the park.

Clamber aboard Russian and Soviet locomotives dating back to 1914. It was opened not long ago, in 1989, in honor of the railroad centenary in Uzbekistan. There were collected steam and diesel locomotives alfresco in the museum. Those locomotives had the trips throughout the country long time ago.

A large scale of restoration-reconstruction works have been recently performed in Museum, complex was completely renovated, all exhibits were repaired and restored.

Tashkent museum of railway engineering is a member of the World Association of technical museums and it is one of the most interesting museums of this type around of globe.

At present time 13 steam-engines, 18 diesel and 3 electric locomotives of historical series, produced in the last millennium, different kinds of cars and carriages, the most interesting samples of last century's repair-construction equipment are exhibited in Museum.

Museum has a special car-museum exhibiting a history of building Uzbek main railway line, communication equipment, decorations and medals, railwayman's uniforms of the past.

Address: 6, Turkestan Str., Tashkent, 100060 / 10.00-17.00 daily US$2
Tel.: (+998 71) 299-70-40, 259-67-08