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Natural history museum

(1A Niyazov; 224 9531; www.tabiatmuzey.; © 10.00-17.00 Tue-Sun; US$2)

Tashkent's own dead zoo is home to more llian 400,000 exhibits, amongst which are numerous stuffed birds and animals and llieir skeletons. The museum was founded in 1876 and includes what is probably I lie world's largest collection of central Asian flora and fauna, albeit in a sadly preserved state.

The museum is of interest to two types of people: serious naturalists who can look beyond the dust and fake blood-dripping plastic dinosaurs and appreciate the diversity of the region's wildlife, including many species now extinct; and those intrigued by the Soviet Union at large and its admirable attempts to educate the masses. The vast dioramas, including scenes of dinosaurs, mammoths and early man, provide an easy (if not always chronologically or anatomically accurate) introduction to pre-history for children.