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Besh Yagach bazaar

In addition to the Big Bazaars in Tashkent, there are many smaller ones, located in residential areas that are easy to use for residents who live nearby.

One of these small bazaars is "Besh Yagach" which is located next to the "Besh Yagach" square. One can notice that the people who use these small bazaars, communicate with vendors as with the long-familiar people. "Hello" - they say to each other when they meet. Wishing health, and asking the usual question: "How are the kids at home ..." typical mentality of the East.

Over the past few years, like the rest of Tashkent, this market changed, new comfortable outdoor shopping arcade and indoor pavilions. Manual Bazaar is ready to provide 250 places for trading on the open rows and 60 seats in the enclosed pavilions.