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Farkhad bazaar

Farkhatski bazaar, Ferchatski St., Metro Station Chilanzar, Chilanzar District, Tashkent Uzbekistan

Farkhad bazaar is located in the center of the two biggest districts of Tashkent - Chilonzor and Uchtepa, at the crossing of two main streets: Farhad and Lutfiy. The location of the bazaar in the center of the city's middle grade inhabitants, gives a special flavor. Accordingly the prices are a little lower than in other markets. This is the main differens from other bazaars in Tashkent.

The most interesting place in Farkhad farmer’s bazaar is colorful and fragrant rows of oriental spices. Be professional on choosing the spices!

Another place that distinguishes the Oriental bazaar from the European markets is a section of dried fruits and nuts. If you ever visit this bazaar, do not leave it without buying some selections of dried fruits.

Also this is the best place to buy melons. The best melons are brought by trucks from all over the country. They dump their cargo on the streets. In September/October you see the whole street with only melons. The owners of the melon harvest stay day and night with their business. Even in winter they sleep outside in the street until they are sold out.