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Hippodrome bazaar

Hippodrome is one of the most famous bazaars in Tashkent. If you tell the taxi driver to take you to the Hippodrome, he'll either take you to a place where you can ride horses, or, to your surprise, to a market place that is widely known amonlg locals as Hippodrome. Every Tashkent resident has visited this huge market where you can literally buy everything you might think of.

This market is famous for a large range of products and very cheap prices. On can buy relatively inexpensive children's toys, household appliances, food and other stuff. The market territory is really huge. You will need couple of hours at least to walk around it. Bazaar is conveniently splitted into several zones that makes quite easy to orientate.

There is a section of the national textile of various colors, section of carpets, household accessories. A little further you can find clothing section and shoes. There is food bazaar as well - a real bazaar within the bazaar. It is divided into the "Korean" and "Uzbek" sectors. They differ from each other significantly. Offers at Korean side are usually a bit more expensive than at the Uzbek side, but Korean section has a great deal of choice. The quality of goods in general, identical to the Uzbek side.

There are souvenir shops. Here you can choose many eastern figurines, jewelery, daggers and other bric-a-brac.

What else makes the bazaar?! - It is located next to another new bazaars like Abu Sahi and Bek Topi. It is a modern and very large market, which is actually a vast shopping arcade. You can even find rare models of appliances and electronics.

Getting there:

To get to Hippodrome bazaar is much easier than to leave the place back. A constant flow of people, traffic jams - all this takes strength and costs you nerves. But this is the charisma and the Orient character of the place, its uniqueness. We recommend you to use the services of private cabs, which are located in great numbers at the exits of the market. Taxi ride within the city would cost around $2 to $4 depending on destination.