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Kuylyuk bazaar

Kuylyuk bazaar (Qoyliq in uzbek) is located at the intersection of "Fargona Yuli" and Tashkent's automobile ring road (in russian "TKAD or Koltsevaya doroga"). Location at the Outskirts of the city is like a gateway to Tashkent. The main bazaar sellers are the manufacturers of the products "dehkans", and thus the prices in the bazaar are the cheapest in Tashkent.

As in any other bazaar, you can be impressed with smells of oriental spices, smells of pilaf, shish kebab and Korean salads are arranged on the shelves. Barrels of pickled cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes - a typical products for the winter months in the bazaar. And everything that is sold in the bazaar can be tried by customers free of charge!