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Yangiabad bazaar

"There was also Tezikovka - the weekend flea-market. Anything from toilets and potted plants to dismembered fridges, second-hand books and pets were laid out on the streets for sale, and if you were lucky you could sometimes buy back your own, previously stolen, property. The bazaar began after independence as the large Jewish population of Tashkent started selling off their possessions before departing for the promised lands of Tel Aviv or Queens, New York. I bought myself a large red flag of Lenin covered in Communist slogans and then - in a moment of weakness - found myself the owner of a lime-green parrot who I named Captain Frederick Burnaby."

Christopher Aslan Alexander "A Carpet Ride to Khiva" 2010

The city's main junk and bric-a-brac market. It is called the "Tashkent phenomenon" and located in the outskirts of the capital, where there were summer residence of Russian merchant. It is called "Yangiabad bazaar" ("Tezikovka" is the most popular name of this bazaar), one of the most famous "flea bazaars" (second hand market) of the former Soviet Union.

History of Tezikovka bazaar - It's Alexander Solzhenitsyn who immortalized "Tezikovka Bazaar" once he wrote: "In Tezikovke you can buy everything!" Yes, it is really possible to buy everything in this bazaar.

Visitors of this market were divided into two groups. The first - the ones who were familiar with Tezikovka and the second - the ones that come here before sunrise, armed with a flashlight hunting for the most real rarities. Unique things here can be bought at a price that is hundreds or even thousands of times cheaper than the real price. One of the tezikovski "trophies" were, the German generals overcoat and the badge "For the fight against Basmachis" ...

Once Tezikovka died under the wheels of vehicles, paving the small Tashkent ring road,  and flea market "moved" to a different location and was named "Yangiabad market." Its essence remains the same. It is open only on weekends.