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Tashkent cinemas

"Cinematrix" cinema

Address: Uzbekistan avenue, 98
Landmark: located in front of Uzbowling
District: Shayhantahur
Phone: +(99871) 120-47-47, 120-00-11, 140-00-10
Metro: Bunyodkor (former Drujba Narodov)
Seat quantity: 2 Halls: 800 seats and 100 seats
Additional services: cafe-bar, VIP seats

"Grand Cinema"

Address: Kushbegi avenue, 1
Landmark: Textile factory, crossing Usman Nosir and Kushbegi streets
District: Yakkasaroy
Phone: +(99871) 253-13-13, 253-95-55
Seat quantity: 179
Additional services: cafe-bar

"Premier Hall" Cinema

Address: Kunaeva street, 25
Landmark: night club «Club 25» or Grand Mir Hotel
District: Yakkasaroy
Phone: +(99871) 252-16-25, 252-37-87
Metro: Oybek
Seat quantity: Big hall: 300 seats, Small VIP-hall: 12 seats
Additional services: bar, you can order personal movie in a VIP hall, cafe, audio-video shop from Panterra Multimedia

"Avtokinoteatr" (Drive in Cinema)

Address: Elbek street, 26
District: Hamza
Phone: +(99871) 120-09-09, 131-40-55
Metro: Chkalov
Seat quantity: 40 cars
Additional services: bar, fast-food

"Vatan" cinema

Address: Chilanar-24
District: Uch tepa
Phone: +(99871) 272-93-20

"Alisher Navoi" (Panorama) cinema

Address: Navoi street, 15
Landmark: theatre «Ilkhom»
District: Shayhantahur
Phone: +(99871) 241-03-84, 241-03-40, 241-04-90
Metro: Pakhtakor
Seat quantity: 5 halls: total 1890 seats, divided to 450, 72, 48 and summer hall – for 500 seats
Additional services: cafe

"Dom Kino" (Kinochilar uyi) cinema

Address: Uzbekistan avenue, 98
Landmark: in front of Uzbowling, bar "Koinot", Cinematrix cinema
District: Shaykhantahur
Phone: +(99871) 245-81-33, 245-81-48
Metro: Bunyodkor
Seat quantity: 200, also has a pink hall.
Additional services: VIP hall, mostly Uzbek movies

"Kazakhstan" cinema

Address: Amir Temur street, 86
District: Yunusabad
Phone: +(99871) 235-24-92
Metro: Minor
Seat quantity: 200 seats

"Kino olami" cinema

Address: Amir Temur street, 13
Landmark: Central officer house, hotel Markaziy (former Sheraton)
District: Yunusabad
Phone: +(99871) 233-50-04, 233-42-83
Metro: mir Temur
Seat quantity: 200
Additional services: bar, availability to arrange children's party

"Yuri Gagarin" cinema

Address: Chilanzar-3, 53
Landmark: Chilanzar trade center
District: Chilanzar
Phone: +(99871) 277-95-08
Metro: Mirzo Ulugbek
Seat quantity: 400
Ticket price: Retired persons – 50% discount. Disabled and participants of WWII — free of charge
Additional services: Internet cafe, buffet

"Lisunova" cinema

Address: Lisunova street, 35
Landmark: Aviastroitels hall
District: Hamza
Phone: +(99871) 296-96-07
Metro: Chkalov
Seat quantity: 270 — big hall, 35 — small hall
Additional services: Individual movie orders available in a small hall

"Guncha" cinema

Address: Beruni street, C-27, 1
Landmark: Metro Tinchlik
District: Shaykhantahur
Phone: +(99871) 249-28-79
Metro: Tinchlik

"Zarafshan" cinema

Address: Matbuotchilar street, 17
Landmark: broadway, Ardus
District: Yunusabad
Phone: +(99871) 232-16-52, 233-06-02
Metro: Amir Temur or Mustakillik
Seat quantity: 280-300 seats (476 during concert arrangements)
Additional services: amusement machines, bar, kids upto 7 years can enter free of charge

"Museum" cinema

Address: Uzbekistan avenue, 49а
Landmark: Republic OVIR center, Dom Kino
District: Shaykhantahur
Phone: +(99871) 233-45-42
Metro: Uzbekistan
Seat quantity: 300 seats
Additional services: buffet

"Faraon" cinema

Address: Kayumova street, 21, park «Bogi Eram»
District: Mirzo Ulugbek
Phone: +(99871) 236-20-04, 235-56-26
Metro: Hamid Olimjon