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It is said that the green of Uzbekistan's flag represents nature, and the state emblem depicts the bright sun shining above a valley in bloom, with wheat and cotton crops clearly visible.

Given that Uzbekistan has more than 3,700 species of plants, 20% of which are endemic, it's unsurprising they've been unable to select a single national flower. Rosa eglanteria, Juno irises, hollyhock, filipendula, forget-me-not, patchouli, Salvia sclarea, safflower, helianthus and petunia violacea all grow in large numbers, creating a riot of colour in spring and summertime. Flowers native to Uzbekistan include Tulipa batalinii and Tulipa clusiana.

There are a significant number of vascular plants unique to Uzbekistan, of which the most notable are Iris hippolyti, Iris capnoides, Tulipa butkovii, Tulipa uzbekistanica, Allium haneltii and Dianthus uzbekistanicus. Endemic genera include Calispepla, Kuramosciadium, Vvedenskya and Sphaerosciadium.