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Ayaz-Kala Yurt camp

From $70 per day
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Ayaz Kala is easily accessible by vehicle from Khiva and Urgench via Biruni and Buston. Ayaz Kala is about 70 km from Urgench on a bitumen road. The last 2 km are on a sand road to the Ayaz Kala Yurt Camp. There are numerous foot paths between the sites. It is about 32 km from Ayaz Kala to Toprak Kala. 

Distance to the Ayazkala Yurt Camp:
    From Khiva - 100 km
    From Urgench - 70 km
    From Bukhara - 450 km
    From Nukus - 150 km

It is possible to accommodate from 20 to 25 guests in every yurt. There are 2 shower houses, 2 restrooms, and a kitchen with 3 fireplaces. You can taste there meals of Karakalpak, Kazakh, and Uzbek cuisine. Also there are a variety of salads and light snacks.

It will be pleasure for you to lie on topchans and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and stars on warm evenings.

There is the great opportunity to take an interesting camel ride, to visit the ancient ruins of the Ayaz-Kala fortresses, to boat on Ayazkul Lake, and to enjoy an exotic folklore concert of musicians from the neighboring village.