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Orient Star Khiva hotel

From $40 per day
1, Pachlavan Makhmud Street, Khiva, UzbekistanShow map

Hotel services

General: 24 hour reception

Sport and relax: 

Services: Air-conditioning, Bathrobes

Khiva Madrassah Hotel (former Orient Star hotel) is located in the Architectural-urban Museum Reserve of Ichan-Qala, inside the Mukhamed Aminkhan madrassah which was build in 1851-1855 years and reconstructed in the year 2000, and now is functioning as a hotel with all the necessary conveniences. Stepping out of the hotel you can start walking tour along the narrow streets of the old fortress, glancing at the workshops and it seems to you as if you chanced to find yourself in a small part of the ancient city several ages ago. Staying in Orient Star Khiva Hotel would only enrich your experience of visiting Khiva. There is something special, something rather atmospheric about the thought of staying in a traditional madrassahs. The modern restoration has perhaps been a little clinical, but it is still very pleasant.

The location couldn't be better withjust hundred meters from the main city gate. Its minaret, Kalta Minor, was supposed to be the tallest in Central Asia but reaches only 30 meters, it was planned to stretch its top 70 meters into the sky, but the founder died before it was finished and nobody had the means to finish the work.

Hotel is also unique with its original khujras (cells) of rooms where guests are accommodated. There are 40 rooms in total in the hotel including 10 singles and 30 doubles.The rooms are basic, as might be expected, but still nice and clean. The rooms are in the old students' rooms, so a little poky, but that's all part of the historical experience. The rooms themselves are well appointed, with TV with international English news channels. They also have excellent air-conditioning, which is a real life-saver in hot climate. Being the largest hotel complex inside the walls, it attracts a lot of group travel.

Breakfast at the hotel is fine for taste of guests. The hotel runs its own large restaurant just outside the premises in another old madrassah. It is open for breakfast, but otherwise only if enough people request their evening meals. There is an underground tearoom in the middle of the inner yard, which is open or closed much in the same way as the restaurant. Meals are served in a restaurant a few meters away. Evening meal is good.


Check-in time: 14.00 afternoon
Check-out time: 12.00 afternoon
Distance to/from airport: 30 minutes
Distance to/from city centre:  
PRICES - USD, including VAT
High season
Low Season
Standard Single Room 50 40
Standard Double/Twin Room 70 55