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Jipek Joli hotel

From $65 per day
4, K Rzaev str, NukusShow map

Hotel services

General: 24 hour reception

Sport and relax: 

Services: Air-conditioning, Bathrobes

Literally, the translation of Jipek Joly means Silk Road. Jibek Joly Hotel is decorated in Karakalpak national style. It includes 5 comfortable rooms, where up to 11 persons can be accommodated. Wooden beds in the rooms are handmade. There are blinds on the windows protecting you from burning sunlights in the summer.

Handmade silk curtains and counterpanes are embroidered in national ornamental patterns. Traditional style of room design and ornamental carpets make rooms picturesque and Oriental exotic. Rich breakfast is included in room rates. In a cafe of the hotel guests can order lunch and dinner. Guests also can choose where to have their breakfast. They can do it in their room or in the cafe, in a small patio or in special cabines.

The Karakalpakistan traditional lifestyle is recreated in the patio. Karakalpak yurt, bullock-cart, national stove and a small pool are situated there. Tasty breakfast and Karakalpak exotic makes mornings more cheerful. There is a wide variety of souvenirs and national clothes. You can also visit the House-museum of Shamuratov's that is situated near the hotel.