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Bibi Khanum hotel

From $45 per day
10, Tashkent str 140101, Samarkand Uzbekistan

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Services: Satellite TV

Bibi Khanum The hotel is located in Tashkent street in the heart of the historic town of Samarkand, a few steps Bibi Khanum Mosque (one of the oldest in Central Asia) and Siyab bazaar. It is 5 minutes walk Necropolis Shah-i-Zinda mausoleums and famous and 500 meters from the mosque and madrasas the inevitable Registan Square. The architecture and decoration of the hotel meet the traditional arts of Uzbekistan with its wood and carved stucco. The charm of the past.

Quiet, you can admire the old town from the terrace above the restaurant. 18 rooms are at your disposal (8 rooms "double", with 6 " twin"; 4 include three beds). They all have a bathroom with shower, two bedrooms "double" overlooking the mosque, have a bath.

Attentive staff, French speaking, is there to advise you and will do anything to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.