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Dilshoda Prime hotel

From $45 per day
Oqsaroy Street 136, 140104 Samarkand

Dilshoda Prime hotel is located within short walk to the Gur Amir mausoleum and famous Registan Complex. The hotel is just a block away from the B&B of the same name and belongs to the same owner, so do not get confused. Location is excellent; there is no traffic so nice and quiet.

This is a small hotel, only 10 rooms. Each room at Dilshoda Prime Hotel is classically decorated and includes a flat-screen TV and AC. Traditional clothes or suzami hanging from the walls. Bathrooms are very nice and fitted with slippers and a hairdryer. All is very tidy and spotlessly clean.

The entrance hall is used to serve the breakfast that is very good and ample, though the same every day. This guest house has a huge court where in the summer you can relax and eat.

The staff is very friendly and helpful. This is a small family business and you too are treated as a member of the family.