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Akmal Kholis hotel

From $34 per day
44, Sobir Termiziy Str., Termez cityShow map

Akmal Kholis is private hotel which was constructed in 2002 and consists of 2 floor. It consists of eight double rooms, containing standard hotel amenities (including cable television, telephone and air conditioning) as well as private bathrooms.

This is the only B&B hotel in Termez. Comfortable Double rooms with bathrooms are ideally adjusted to 100% relaxed rest of the guests. Cold and hot water are available 24-hour a day.

Small parking near the hotel is a solution for any concerns regarding your car. Lunch and dinner could be provided upon request.

Check-in time: 14.00 afternoon
Check-out time: 12.00 afternoon
Distance to/from airport:  
Distance to/from city centre:  
PRICES - USD, including VAT
Rack Rate
Standard Single Room            30
Standard Double/Twin Room            40