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Visa fees, requirements and regulation

Getting Uzbek visa at the consulate or embassy

The process of applying for visa at the Uzbek embassy or consulate takes some time, so we highly recommend to have following in place and ready for submission before going there:

  1. A copy of the visa support letter from the travel agency in Uzbekistan (the citizens of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland and UK do not need it)
  2. Completed and signed visa application form
  3. One passport size photograph attached to the application form
  4. A valid passport. There should be at least one blank page for the visa and passport should be valid for at least three months after the last day of your planned visit to Uzbekistan
  5. Consular fees paid only upon receipt from the consular staff (see 'Visa fees' section below more information.)

Bear in mind the consular staff has the right to interview the applicant. Consular Section of the Embassy has the right to reject visa without any explanation.

Consular Fees for tourist visa to Uzbekistan

The cost of a visa is dictated by your nationality, where you are applying, the length of your stay and whether it is for single, double or multiple entry. Visas typically take five working days to process, but it is possible to fast-track your application if you pay a 50% surcharge.

Single Entry Tourist Visa

up to 7 days

$40 USD

up to 15 days

$50 USD

up to 30 days

$60 USD

up to 3 months

$80 USD

up to 6 months

$120 USD

up to 1 year

$160 USD

* for each additional entry the fee is increased by $10 USD.

Multiple Entry Visa Fee:

up to 6 months

$150 USD

up to 1 year

$250 USD

Transit Visa Fee:

up to 24 hours

$20 USD

up to 48 hours

$25 USD

up to 72 hours

$30 USD

for double entry

$40 USD

Group Tourist Visas (for tourist groups of 10 + pax excluding children under 16 years old):

up to 15 days

$15 USD per person

up to 30 days

$25 USD per person

Tourist visa application requirements:

1. Visa support letter from Uzbek tour company;
2. Valid passport;
3. Completed application form;
4. 2 passport-size photo;
5. Fee, payable upon visa application submission;
6. Stamped, self-addressed envelope, if applying by post.

It is possible to obtain Uzbek tourist visa upon arrival at Tashkent airport, if the following conditions are met:

- There is no Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin of the tourist
- The tourist has a connecting flight to Uzbekistan, which does not leave him enough time to go to the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the second country where he is flying from to Uzbekistan
- Tourist is flying to Uzbekistan directly from a country where Uzbekistan has no Embassy or Consulate.

You should contact a travel agent to arrange this, and you will need both your LOI and approval letter in hand before you board the plane.

Simplified visa regulations for the citizens of some countries 

1. There is a bilateral Visa Free Regulation with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, as well as Kyrgyzstan (up to 60 days).

2. There is a simplified visa procedure for the citizens of Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Spain Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States. Businessmen of these countries are issued multiple entry visas up to one year and tourists – up to one month, additionally, they do not require to submit to the Foreign Ministry an invitation of legal entity or natural person in Uzbekistan or tour-voucher. Visas are issues within 2 working days, excluding the day the documents are submitted.

3. There is Visa Free Regulation up to 90 days for the diplomatic passport holders of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey. The accredited personnel of the diplomatic missions and international organisations may stay on territory of the both countries without visa for the whole period of professional activity. There is Visa Free Regulation up to 90 days for the service passport holders.

4. Uzbekistan and Japan on a mutual basis issue Consular fee free visas.  

5. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan reserves the right to refuse issue of Uzbek visa to an applicant without explaining the reasons.

Registration of a stay in Uzbekistan

Registration in Uzbekistan is essential and unavoidable. To enjoy your stay, follow the rules and make sure you are registered.

The general rule is you must be registered within 72 hours of entering the country.
You may not stay without registration, as this is illegal!
If you leave the country before termination of 72 hours you are free of registration.

It is all right to stay in a hotel with any type of visa. If you stay in a legal hotel you will be registered automatically and free of charge. You pay only hotel charge, not for registration. The hotel provides you with a registration card. Do not lose this card. You must keep this and present at passport control when leaving the country.

If you stay in flat or private house then you should be registered via Local Police Department of Registration, so-called (OVIR). Those who issue a Letter of Invitation for you must care about your registration, applying to OVIR for it. This service is chargeable.

* Please note that it is illegal to stay at private house with tourist visa. You can stay in private house only with business or visitor visas.

After filling in necessary forms and paying applicable fees, your passport will be left at the OVIR office for a few days, as it demands a registration process. Just in case keep copy of your passport (make copy of page with an entry visa too) with you at all times.

Registration of a stay in Uzbekistan

Registration in Uzbekistan is essential and unavoidable. To enjoy your stay, follow the rules and make sure you are registered.