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Best Western Aghveran

From $55 per day
Aghveran (Kotayk region)

Hotel has beautiful views and lovely location. Rooms of the hotel very clean and it has great maid service. The cleaners came every day and not too early, around 12, so you don’t have to evacuate the room. Rooms are spacious with all that you would need, with regular change of towels, shampoos and shower gels. The all -inclusive food is very good with lots of variety for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all freshly prepared.

The staff is very polite. Everyone is friendly and give guests all the information. There is daily entertainment for adults, including water volleyball, tennis, football, volleyball, poker. The pool is big enough, and the water is quite clean. The garden in front of the hotel is very beautiful. You could see a man all day taking care of the garden and you'll enjoy the time just walking through that magic garden.


PRICES - USD, including VAT
High season
Low season
Standard single \ Standard double Room 75 \ 110 70 \ 105
Deluxe Room 120 115
Luxe Room 130 125
Family Room 175 165