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The province is named after its capital, Armavir city, which is 46km west of Yerevan along a good dual carriageway. It is unlikely that anyone would choose to stay here is the main concentration of sights is in Ejmiatsin, or Vagharshapat as the city is now officially called, only 20km from Yerevan. The churches of Ejmiatsin together with the ruins of the one at Zvartnots were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. The eastern part of the province merges imperceptibly with Yerevan's western sprawl where it includes Armenia's main international airport at Zvartnots. To the west the province comprises part of the flat and, in summer, hot plain of the broad Arax Valley. The Arax forms the border with Turkey in the south of the province while to the west the border is formed by the Akhurian River. There is little good hotel accommodation in the province but limited reason to stay here rather than in Yerevan anyway.

The sights in the province are usually visited as day trips from Yerevan.

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