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Khosrov Nature Reserve

Khosrov Nature Reserve protects several chunks of rugged hills and wooded slopes in the upper valleys of the Azat, Votankunk and Khosrov Rivers. The reserve is broken up into four distinct sections – the most popular section is the gorge below Garni and Geghard, which can be explored on foot. You need a 4WD to reach the other parts of the reserve.

The park’s main office is in Vedi, 49km from Yerevan. From here 4WD roads climb up past Dashtakar to a bridge across to Urtsadzor, and then up to Surp Karapet. It’s an isolated spot with a 13th century church topped by a classic ribbed umbrella cone, more easily reached via the southern highway, at the turn-off about 4km after the hamlet of Tigranashen. The road up to the reserve reaches a pretty camping spot on the Vedi river, then it’s a trek on foot into the rugged light forest to the Jamsho Monastery and Geghi Fort. Treks and nature tours in the reserve can be arranged.

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