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Aram Khachaturian House Museum

(3 Zarobian St;; 11.00-16.00 Mon-Sat, closed Sun)

Contains personal memorabilia of Armenia's best-known composer as well as props and costumes from his ballet Spartacus and photographs of Khachaturian with many well-known people including many non-musicians such as Che Guevara; Ernest Hemingway, Sophia Loren, U Thant and Charlie Chaplin. There is an astonishingly vivid painting by Edman Aivazian of Khachaturian conducting at the EMI studios in London. Painted in 1977, a year before Khachaturian's death, few paintings have ever captured so well the spirit of music making and the museum is worth visiting to see this alone. The museum makes no reference to the composers falling foul of the Soviet authorities in the late 1940s. Also in the building are a concert hall and a collection of CDs of Khachaturian's music. An English-speaking guide is available.

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