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Sergei Parajanov Museum

(15 Dzoragyugh St;; 10.30-17.00)

Dedicated to the artist and film director known in Armenian as Sargis Yossifovich Paradjanian (1924-90), this museum is a must-visit for anyone with the slightest interest in 20th-century culture. It's best to get the English-speaking guide to show you round first, and afterwards to wander round on your own. Parajanov essayed a range of art forms from films (mostly silent, more like a series of still scenes one after another) to collages to pen drawings. He seems to have been either egocentric or megalomaniacal - witness his showing himself in the central place in The Last Supper. There is a fish made from broken combs and a representation of blue irises made from broken glass. Mosaics also feature prominently. All in all, it's an extraordinary museum.

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