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Haik the Hero

According to the traditional history of Armenia, Haik the Hero, father of the Armenian people, was the legendary patriarch of the Armenian nation, and the fourth lineage of Noah. Haik the Hero refused to accept the conditions set by Bel, the legendary tyrant of Assyria, that he (Haik) would enjoy every freedom and comfort if only he recognized the sovereignty of Bel. After the Tower of Babel was destroyed by God, Haik the Hero and his followers’ freedom loving spirits faced Bel in battle, killed him, and secured unconditional freedom for himself and his followers. After the battle Haik migrated further to the north, where according to legend, he founded Hayastan. This legend, in its simplicity proves that the Armenian spirit does not tolerate slavery, but has a deep love for that heavenly blessing known as freedom. And it is because of this that the Armenians have lifted their national legendary Hero and their forefather up to the skies and named the constellation “Orion” after him—HAIK.

It is also said that he created the boundaries of Armenia by launching his arrows in four directions, unfortunately he missed all the lands with oil underneath...

Look also for similar mythologies in the Persian "Arash-e Kamaangir" & the Greek Heracles.

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