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Post & Communication

Post - National postal service Haypost has offices in every major town. A letter might take anything from two weeks to six weeks to reach North America or Australia, but the service is fairly reliable. If you’re sending out something of value you might feel safer with UPS, FedEx or a local courier company in Yerevan.

Telephone - The country code is #374, while Yerevan’s area code is #1. It’s possible to make calls from central call centres. Give the attendant the phone number, and you’ll be directed to a phone booth with a vintage telephone. There’s usually a clear line after a couple of attempts. International calls using either landlines or mobile phones can be expensive. Internet clubs in Yerevan often have VoIP calls at much lower rates. For calls within Armenia, call #0 + city code + local number; for mobile numbers dial the #09 prefix first (most people will give you this along with their mobile number), then the number. For international calls, dial #00 first.

Mobile Phones - Mobile-phone services, operated by ArmenTel and VivaCell, are fairly priced and wide ranging. You can get mobile-phone service just about anywhere in the country these days, unless you are hiking in the backcountry. There is little difference between the two companies, although there seem to be more subscribers to VivaCell (and calling other VivaCell phones is a little cheaper).

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