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The widest range of souvenirs is to be found in Yerevan. Obvious items to take home include the increasing number of books of photographs of Armenia, Armenia's highly regarded brandy (easily obtainable in markets, shops and specialist brandy outlets) and craft items.

There is no doubt that the best place to buy crafts is at Vernissage in Yerevan, but they can also be found on souvenir stalls at some of the more popular tourist sites and in other outlets in Yerevan. The cathedral shop at Ejmiatsin also has a good range of articles. Typically Armenian are carpets (and for those who want something cheaper than a full-sized floor covering, bags and waistcoats made from carpet offcuts), wood and stone carving, embroidered articles (from large tablecloths to handkerchiefs) and jewellery incorporating Armenia's semi-precious obsidian. Paintings for sale are displayed at weekends in the small park to the northwest of the Opera House in Yerevan and at Vernissage.

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