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Both Beeline ( and VivaCell ( have 24-hour desks in the arrivals hall at Zvartnots Airport where a free Armenian SIM card can be obtained. Note that an identification document is required of both Armenians and foreigners when registering a SIM card so your passport will be needed. Both companies have multiple outlets in Yerevan and throughout the country where pre-paid or post-paid cards are available and they can also be bought at numerous supermarkets, shops and kiosks. They both produce leaflets in English detailing their products and tariffs (of which there are many), but VivaCell has the better website. It is in English as well as Armenian and Russian whereas Beeline's is only in Armenian and Russian.

Your own mobile phone will work in Armenia on a roaming basis if you arrange this with your provider before leaving home. The advantage is that you can keep your own mobile number; the disadvantage is that it is significantly more expensive than using an Armenian SIM card and number.

Dialling Armenia from abroad the country code is 374 followed by the local city code. If dialling within Armenia, insert an additional 0 before the city code. In this guide, town codes are given where relevant and a list of the main ones are included in the box below. Elsewhere, the appropriate code is included with the individual phone number.

International calls from Armenia can of course be made from landlines or mobiles as elsewhere. If using a landline, a cheaper option than direct dialling is to purchase an international call card available from shops, kiosks, newspaper stands, etc. Instructions are on the card but essentially you dial the number on the card, followed by the scratch number then follow the voice instructions.

In Yerevan and a few other places calls can be made from public card phones in the streets, these cards also being on sale at numerous outlets. In the pre-mobile-phone era and in the many towns which did not have card phones it was necessary to go to the main post office to make a call. The procedure involved writing the number required on a form, handing it to the clerk, and then waiting to be connected manually. Apparently in some regions this method is still available but for how much longer is unknown.


Alaverdi 253    
Aparan 252  Kapan 285
Armavir 237 Meghri 2860
Artik 244 Sevan 261
Ashtarak 232 Sisian 2830
Chambarak 265 Stepanavan 256
Dilijan 2680 Talin 2490
Ejmiatsin 231 Tsaghkadzor 223
Goris 284 Vaik 282
Gyumri 312 Vanadzor 322
Hrazden 223 Vardenis 269
Ijevan 263 Yeghegnadzor 281
Jermuk 287 Yerevan 10

There are several codes for mobile phones but people will give you this with their phone number.

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