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Peace and Harmony in Stones

1 day(s)
from August to August
Tour countries:
Type of tour:
Historical, General

Itinerary: Yerevan - Haghpat - Sanahin - Yerevan
Duration: 10 hours

Haghpat. Situated not far from Sanahin the monastery of Haghpat has its significant place in the historical and cultural life of Armenia. It was built during the reign of king Ashot Bagratuni. Numerous valuable manuscripts and miniature paintings have been produced in the scriptorium of Haghpat for many centuries. In the 18th century the famous Armenian bard Sayat-Nova used to live and create in this monastery. The belfry with its unique architectural composition is of stunning interest.
Sanahin. The monastery of Sanahin is on the right bank of Debed River. This architectural complex consists of several churches, seminary, book depository. The building of the seminary, which connects St. Astvatsastin (Holy Mother of God) and Allsaviour churches was from the outset built to make the edifices more earthquake resistant.

Sites to visit
-    Alaverdi Town on the way through Debed Canyon
-    Church in Spitak town, Spitak was the epicenter  of the great earthquake in 1988
-    Haghpat Monastery
-    Sanahin Monastery

N of Pax Prices per person (Euros)
1 pax 255 euros
2 pax 145 euros
3 pax 120 euros
4 pax 100 euros
5 pax 90 euros

The price includes:
-    Transportation service
-    Guide service
The price excludes:
-    Meals and beverages
-    Insurance

Tour schedule

1Meeting in the morning and start the tour
1Pay a visit to Situated Hagpat monastery and later on a nearby Sanahin monastery