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Caspian sea tram

The port of Baku offers a short 20-minute ferry ride into the Caspian. This little ferry is a great way to understand the scope of the harbour. Weekends see the boats fill with locals families and young couples, amusingly causing the vessel to list from one side to the other as they tussle for the best views of the city.

Due to heavy reconstruction of the seaside boulevard, the ferry no longer leaves from the central "short pier". Instead, it goes from the more logical, though less convenient, Port Terminal. In the back of the new building, just outside, is a small, white box marked "Kassa". It is from here that you purchase the 1.50 Manat ticket. Quite a bargain for Baku. Departures aren't scheduled, but seem to leave about every 15 or 20 minutes. So be prepared to wait if you're one of the first people to embark. Highly recommended thing to do when visiting Baku!