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Embassies of/in Azerbaijan

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1. Embassies of Azerbaijan abroad

2. Foreign embassies in Azerbaijan

Directions for embassies in Baku. 

Tajikistan embassy in Baku

Tajikistan embassy in Baku is located outside of the center of the city, off the Badamdar Highway. You can take the #3 bus to Badamdar from outside the Ichari Shahar (Old City) Metro station or any other bus from anywhere else heading to Badamdar. For #3, from the Metro station, walk up Sheykh Shamil street across from the station about two blocks to a bus stop. You can also catch it on Azerbaijan Prospect across from Fountain Square. The embassy is not far from AEF Hotel, so get off the bus there (it will be right before you see a sign pointing to the AEF Hotel on the left side of the road). Follow the sign and then take the very first left, following another sign to the AEF HotelThen, you will take the first right (next to a car wash), which is Baglar Street. If you actually reach the AEF Hotel, you have gone too far. Walk down the street until you see the Tajikistan flag flying on your left and a small guardhouse with a Police sign (if you visited the Uzbekistan embassy first, you’ll be glad to see Tajikistan is not nearly as far down the street!). The embassy is open for visa matters from 3 to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. If you head to Tajik embassy from Uzbek embassy (see below) head back out to the Badamdar Highway and walk down the highway away from the city. It is about a 15-20 minute walk. 

Бадамдар, ул. Баглар, 2 переулок, 20
Badamdar, Balgar Street, 2nd lane, #20
Phone: +994 12 502 14 32

Uzbekistan embassy in Baku

Uzbek embassy is also off the Badamdar Highway as Tajik embassy (but around 1,5 km closer to city) on a small street.  You will need to submit documents and will be given the amount of the fee on a small slip of paper with the address of the Intarnational Bank of Azerbaijan where you needed to pay (located in the center of Baku near Fountain Square). Once on the Badamdar Highway, you will pass a roundabout and shortly thereafter, you will see a Citimart Supermarket on the right hand side of the road. Get off here for the Uzbekistan embassy.  From the supermarket, walk back a few meters toward the city and head down a side street to the right of this storeWalk down that street for several minutes. You will probably wonder where the hell you are as you pass rows of walled estates hiding large mansions, but keep going. Eventually on your left you will see the Uzbekistan flag flying above a building and after a few more meters, you will come to the entrance to the embassy and the guard station.

Бадамдар, 1-е шоссе, 9-й переулок, д. 437
Badamdar, 1st freeway, 9th lane, #437
Phone: +994 12 497 25 49 or +994 12 497 25 52