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Festivals and holidays

With the exception of Tbilisoba (last Sunday of October), which was created by the Mate as a holiday to celebrate all things Georgian, most authentic folk holidays are lied to the calendar of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Many are celebrated only in certain villages. Others have no fixed date. What is common to all of them, how-ever, is that they have never been sufficiently well known to attract tourists. If you go, you will be among the first. You must act with circumspection. Do not enter a church scantily clad and unkempt. Men must be shaved. Do not take photos inside the church.

On most of these holidays, in the smaller villages a church service is followed by a meal and festivities in the central square. As a guest you will most certainly be welcome; you might want to leave before the heavy drinking takes you late into the night.

In addition to the folk and religious holidays listed below, May 26 is Georgian Independence Day, March 3 is Mother's Day, January 1 is New Year's Day, April 9 is Memorial Day.


Akhaljaroba: Respect for the Cross. May 7 in the villages of Khidistavi (province of Kartli) and the village of Akhmeta (Province of Kakheti).
Alaverdoba: On September 14 in the precincts of the Cathedral of Alaverdi in Kakheti.
Arbooba: St. George's Day. Third Sunday after Mariamoba (August 28) in the vil-lages of Arboshi and Geri (province of Kartli).
Djvarpatiosnoba: Respect for the Cross. May 7 throughout Kartli and Kakheti. Didbatonoba: St. George's Day. November 23 in the village of Matani (province of Kakheti).
Didgoroba: On May 7 near Digomi (Kartli) and August 15 in the Monastery of Kvatakhevi (Kartli).
Garegnoba: The day after Easter throughout the provinces of Imereti and Guria. Iakharoba: In autumn in the village of Matani (Kakheti).
Kashvetoba: The Holiday of St. George. Third Sunday of Easter in Tbilisi and many towns throughout Kartli, Kakheti, Imereti, Svaneti.
Kvirikoba: July 15 in the village of Lamiskana (Kartli), Akhmeta (Kakheti),
Kviriketsminda (Racha): July 28 outside of Mestia (Svaneti).
Lavroba: Easter Monday in the village of Lavriskhevi (Kakheti).
Mtavarangelozoba: Easter Thursday in the village of Sadgavro (Imereti).
Mtavarmotzameoba: The Holiday of St. George. July 3 in Khorkheli (Kakheti).
Okanoba: Celebration of the day Iberia became Christian. The second day of Easter in Gori and generally throughout Kartli.
Tzikhegoroba: Easter Tuesday in Matani (Kakheti).

Basilididisa: The Remembrance of St. Basil the Great. January 1.
All Saint's Day: January 19.
Our Saint Mother Nino the Georgian, the Great Educator: January 27.
Ioanenatlismtzemlisa: The Birth of St. John the Baptist. June 24.
The Remembrance of Saints Peter and Paul: July 12.
Saint Mary's Day: August 28.
Saint George's Day: November 23.


1 January        - New Year's Day
7 January        -
Christmas (Orthodox Church)
19 January      -
Epiphany (Orthodox Church)
3 March           -
Mother's Day
8 March           -
International Women's Day
9 April             -
Remembrance Day
April                 -
Easter Sunday and Monday (Orthodox Church): 31 March-1 April in 2013, 20-21 April in 2014
26 May             -
Independence Day
28 August        -
Assumption of the Virgin (Mariamoba) (Orthodox Church)
14 October      -
Sveti-tskhovloba (Mtskhetoba) - Mtskheta town festival
23 November  -
St George's Day (Giorgoba), now also celebrated as the anniversary of the Rose Revolution