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Prometheus Cave

Discovered in Imereti region in 1984, Prometheus Cave is one of Georgia’s natural wonders providing visitors with breathtaking examples of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, cave pearls, underground rivers, and lakes.

Khvamli Mountain is visible from Prometheus Cave and is the place where legend says that Prometheus was chained. The 1060 meter walking route through the cave was upgraded in the summer of 2012 and visitors can also enjoy a 280 meter boat tour on an underground river.

When you enter the 14°C cool cave you would be amazed for sure by the beaty before your eyes. Just the first hall is huge. Then you follow the walking path for 1400 meters through 16 halls.

In the second hall you will listen to some soft classical music that is played in the entire cave and puts you into a calm and happy mood. You pass a petrified waterfall and a rock in form of a woman (love cave). The dripstones are lighted with lamps that change their color.

We walk deeply into the cool and humid cave until we arrive to an underground river. We stand on the riverside, talk whispering and wait for the two boats taking us back outside. There they come, with green soft lights on both sides they come towards us making no noise and no light. We enter the second boat and while we are gliding over the water we cannot hear anything but our own heartbeats and the water drops falling from the paddle. Most of the way it is dark, only a few walls are lighted. Our guide whistles “Head!” from time to time and we duck below the low stones.

When you come closer to the exit you eyes will have have to get used to the daylight again. The temperature rises quickly, you feel soft wind in the hair and the bright hole in front of you grows and grows. Everything happens quickly and just after a moment you paddle under the sunlight between plants and animals again.

How to get there? By bus/train from Tbilisi to Kutaisi, take mini bus from bus station next to Kutaisi Macdonald’s restaurant to Tskhatubo. At Tskhatubo bus terminal/market take taxi to the cave.

How much does it cost? A standard tour is 6 Lari and a boat tour 7 Lari. Georgians should show their I.D. cards to obtain a discount. Check opening times before going (usually closed Mondays).