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Taking a taxi for an intercity trip can be surprisingly inexpensive, especially if shared between three or four people. Your accommodation can usually organise this for you, or you can go to one of the bus stations or the train station, where drivers wait. Typical one-way fares are 80 GEL to Kazbegi or 100 GEL to Yerevan. A return trip to Davit Gareja is also around 100 GEL.

If you fancy your chances driving yourself on Georgian roads, car rental is easy enough to arrange, though not necessarily cheaper
than taking a car with a driver.

Avis (Tel 923594;; Tavisuplebis moedani 4) Also at the airport.
Cosmo Group (Tel 920960; [email protected]; Atoneli 31)
Hertz (Tel 987400;; Caucasus Travel, Leselidze 44)