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Getting Central Asian visas in Tehran


The Uzbekistan embassy has a queuing list at the door for you to write your name on. Visa agents with hundreds of applications arrive at 8:300 am to put their name down early, then come back at 10:00-11:00am when they know they can waltz in without waiting a second. We recommend getting in early, writing your name down first and waiting until the doors open at 9:00am. Bring your filled in application form and copies of everything (2x) with you because you can’t do any of this at the embassy.

You will need an agency to provide a letter of invitation. With this sort of paper you'll be able to pick up visa within an hour, others without that can wait for two or more weeks for a visa. So do try to get LOI beforehand.

Copying (get a couple of colour and b&w) and passport photos can be done nearby the Uzbekistan Embassy (see map above) and will be useful for your other visas and Iran visa extension.

Address of Uzbekistan Embassy (Uzbekistan Consulate): 2nd floor, no.10, 4th Park st, near Aqdasieh Ave and Pasdaran St, Tehran. Phone: +98 22291519

Hours: 9:00-11:00am Sunday to Thursday.

Documents required: 2x visa application forms, 2x passport page copy (b&w), 2x passport photos, 1x letter of invitation.


The Tajikistan embassy is hidden down a side street and is somewhat hard to find. Similar to the Turkmenistan embassy, it is just a 30x30cm window connected to an office with no queuing required. You can pick up an application form there. Letter of Invitation needed to apply.

Address of Tajikistan Embassy (Tajikistan Consulate): Side street off Zeynali St, Tehran. Phone: +98 2122299584. See map here

Hours: 8:00am-1:00pm and 2:00-4:00pm Sunday to Thursday

Documents required: 1x visa application form, 1x passport page copy, 1x letter of invitation, 1x letter of recommendation, 1x passport photo.


Without being on an organised tour, the longest visa most people can get is a 5-day transit visa. If you are unlucky, you will get as little as 3-days.

We arrived at the Turkmenistan embassy with our COLOUR copies (don’t think of trying b&w) of the required information. There are three stairs up to a 30x30cm window where you will speak to the embassy official and these stairs are madness. Queues don’t exist at this embassy, so stand your ground and get your strategic placement on. You will first need to get an application form, sometimes someone at the front of the line will get one for you before submitting their application. Ask for a plain piece of paper as well to complete the hand written ‘application letter’ (see requirements). Ask around for a glue stick and stick your photo to the top right of the form. Once you’ve completed these, shove your way to the window and the official will tell you to come back in 5-days. A total time of ~1h.

After 5-days you will have to fill in another visa application form (different to the first one) and attach a photo of yourself. After submitting you will need to wait a while until they shout your name to com the window again and to pay visa fees. 30 minutes after paying you'll receive your passport, visa included! All in all around ~1.5h.

Address of Turkmenistan Embassy (Turkmenistan Consulate): Intersection Berati Street and Shahid Vatanpoor, Tehran Phone: +98 212542178

Hours: 9:00-11:00 Monday to Thursday, 9:30-11:30am Sunday.

Documents required: 1x application form (available at embassy), 1x COLOUR copy of Uzbekistan visa, 1x COLOUR copy of passport page, 1x passport photo, 1x application letter addressed to ‘Visa section of Turkmenistan Embassy’ (see requirements for information required)

When you come to pick up the visa you need: 1x final application form (available at embassy) and 1x passport photo.

Cost: $55USD each – the bills need to be unfolded and unmarked, lots of people get turned away with bills that are not 100% perfect.

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